Tamagawa Ichiro
Title Professor
Center River Basin Research Center

Research fields

I have a laboratory named 'Dynamics in basin hydrology', researching river basins with meteorological and river engineering aspects.

 I myself am a meteorologist/hydrologist. The targets of research are "the carbon, water and heat budget over forest", "precipitation over mountainous region " and so on. I have rather deep experiences to measure/observe micro-meteorological phenomena,  and also I am trying to develop some observing systems. The computer is actively utilized to obtain data, to analyze data and to simulate phenomena. The computer usage is another major to me. The research of carbon and water budget over a Japanese cedar forest with a observational tower in Takayama, Gifu is activated for several years. The heat enviroment in city area and meteorological observation by accoustic sounding and others are also the topics of the students study.

 I hope the the students to enlarge their understanding the nature and to grow their ability, through their research activity in our graduate school.

Tower and sensors  at Takayama evergreen coniferous site Annual precipitation amount around Takayama, Gifu by JMA Radar/Raingauge Analysis

Research Keywords

  Meteorology, Environmenta lScience, Atmospheric boundary layer, Land surface process

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