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Advanced Global Program (AGP) in Engineering Field

Master's Degree Program

Department of
・Life Science and Chemistry
・Civil and Environmental Engineering
・Materials Science and Processing
・Intelligence Science and Engineering
・Energy Engineering

(Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology)

New!! 2023.1.12

The result for 2023 Spring Admission has been already sent to all the
For successful candidates, please take necessary procedure in accordance with the requirements of supervisors/GPO.

The quota was filled in Spring Admission.
So, Fall Admission will not be opened for the academic year of 2023.

■Collaboration with partner universities
・AGP accepts international students from our partner universities
■All classes conducted in English
■Exchange various senses of values and diverse cultures
・Learning together with Japanese students and pick up mutual language in everyday life
■Global Internship
・International students are sent to Japanese companies or institutions
・Japanese students are sent to our partner universities
■Job guidance and support for working in Japan

Financial Support
■Academic fees such as entrance examination, enrollment and annual tuition will be waived.
■Monthly living allowance (JPY48,000) will be paid for the JASSO recipients for up to 1 year.

How to Apply

Recruitment of Spring Admission (of the next academic year) are released to the liaison professors (officers) of our partner universities in August.
Applicants contact the liaison professors (officers) at their own universities and follow the necessary procedure there.
After selection at each partner university, only one successful candidate is recommended to the liaison of Gifu University (by mid of September is desirable).
The liaison of Gifu University finds a suitable supervisor for the candidate.
The candidate and the prospective supervisor start discussion.
The candidate submits required application forms to the prospective supervisor.
The prospective supervisor submits all the forms together with a Letter of Acceptance to the Globalization Promotion Office (GPO) by the deadline (mid of October).
AGP Committee selects the candidates and GPO announces the result in late November.

◆Find more about AGP here.
 You can download the AGP Introduction PDF File.


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Globalization Promotion Office
Faculty of Engineering

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