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Site Map

About the Faculty of Engineering
 Message from the Dean
 Organization Chart
 Educational Aims
  Aims of Undergraduate Program
  Aims of Graduate Program
 Cooperating with Society
 Staff Search
 Project Research Centers

・Undergraduate program
 Department of Civil Engineering
   Environmental Studies Course
  Disaster Reduction Studies Course
 Department of Mechanical Engineering
  Mechanical Engineering Course
  Intelligent Mechanical Engineering Course
 Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Science
  Materials Chemistry Course
  Biomolecular Science Course
 Department of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering
  Electrical and Electronic Course
  Informatics Course
  Applied Physics Course

Master's Programs
 Civil Engineering Division
 Mechanical and Systems Engineering Division
 Applied Chemistry Division
 Electrical and Electronic Engineering Division
 Biomolecular Science Division
  Information Science Division
 Materials Science and Technology Division
 Human and Information Systems Division
 Mathematical and Design Engineering Division
 Environmental and Renewable Energy Systems Division(Master)

Doctral Programs
 Mechanical and Civil Enginnering Division
 Material Engineering Division
 Electronics and Information Systems Engineering Division
 Environmental and Renewable Energy Systems Division(Doctor)

Prospective Students
 Undergraduate Course
 Graduate Course
 Features of the Faculty of Engineering
 Admissions Policy
 Job Placement Data / Post Graduation Schooling
 Messages from Almuni
 Addmission Quota
 Booklet on Entrance Information
 Application Guidelines

Current Students

Electronic Publications
 Outline of the Faculty of Engineering
 Video of faculty of Engineering, Gifu University[in Japanese]