The Faculty of Engineering Charter

The Faculty of Engineering is an arena of implementation for education and research which aims to build a prosperous and sustainable human society, ideally regarding the symbiosis of nature and mankind. In order to resolve the various difficulties concerned with the human existence and prosperity, and to develop a fruitful future of humanity, we aim to create promising and refined individuals who possess wide general knowledge, sensitivity to technology and its implications for society and nature, and strong powers of judgment, respecting the freedom and autonomy of our students. We will encourage creative basic research, which is the source of knowledge and innovative applied research that meets the demands of the times, seeking to become an Engineering Faculty, which contributes to regional growth and to the peace and development of people worldwide, while working in cooperation with society.

  1. Students and the Faculty will grow together while respecting one another as members of a community engaged in intellectually creative activities.
  2. In order for education, research, and social contribution to be carried out smoothly, we will strive to build a safe, environmentally- and ecologically-friendly campus.
  3. We will implement an academic program that fulfills the deepest desire of our students, who delight in learning, to study independently and creatively.
  4. While aiming to unite basic science and practical engineering, we will make every effort to create new research fields responding to the demands of the society and times in an appropriately competitive environment.
  5. We will constitute a core support for local revitalization while responding to the demands of society by expanding cooperation among industry, government, and academia.
  6. We will maintain a system of international exchange, and contribute to the development of international society through a deeper understanding of foreign cultures.
  7. While actively conducting in our various activities openly, we will seek to continuously improve ourselves based on our own and third-parties' evaluations.