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Graduate Program

Doctoral Program

■Department of Engineering Science

Through an educational study program that freely covers a wide range of engineering-related fields, we aim to cultivate talented human resources who can flexibly respond to societal needs by generating innovative technology while maintaining a high level of expertise without being restricted to any specific speciality.

■International Joint Department of Integrated Mechanical Engineering between Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati and Gifu University

Through the joint partnership between Gifu University Department of Mechanical Engineering with strengths is environment/energy and theoretical calculation domain and IITG Department of Mechanical Engineering with strengths in various engineering fields, we aim to train human resources with flexible thinking and broad knowledge based on the educational concepts of "Takumi Spirit" (Japanese spirit of skilled artisanship and manufacturing) and the "Jugaad Spirit" (Indian art of finding innovative and intelligent solutions).

■International Joint Department of Materials Science and Engineering between National University of Malaysia and Gifu University

Through the joint partnership between Gifu University Department of Chemical/Materials Science Engineering with strengths in fundamental research in chemistry and materials science and UKM Faculty of Science and Technology and the Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment with strengths in chemistry from abundant natural resources and development-based diverse chemistry and engineering, we aim to contribute to symbiosis with nature and realization of sustainable social construction between both countries and train societal leaders with broad vision and "glocal" leaders with the flexibility to respond and lead in Malaysia, other Asian countries and the Tokai region.

Former Doctral Program

 Mechanical and Civil Engineering Division

 Material Engineering Division

 Electronics and Information Systems Engineering Division

 Environmental and Renewable Energy Systems Division