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Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Science

Chemistry is considered essential to the progression of various fundamental technologies required for the creation of new substances and biomaterials since chemistry is the academic field elucidating the component of materials from the standpoint of molecular and atomic levels, and managing chemical reactions for the benefit of industrial application. In the Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Science, we focus on chemical technology for the future to provide a platform for the development of society such as global approach to environmental problems and contribution to the growing chemical industry. Therefore, we aim to nurture highly skilled professionals participating actively in the area of new material creation, medical chemical manufacturing, functional food production, environmental quality improvement and energy technology development.

After enrolling in our department, the student will build up a foundation of basic chemistry and then enter an area of specialty either the Materials Chemistry Course or the Biomolecular Science Course. In the course of Materials Chemistry, we aim to nurture engineers and researchers with a wide range of knowledge and technology who understand synthetic processes, structures and properties of materials, and interrelations between them. In addition, we are committed to cultivating engineers able to play an active role in utilizing new substances in various technical fields including an area related to environment and energy. In the course of Biomolecular Science, we intend to nurture the student to be an engineer or a researcher having wide knowledge and useful skills, who will figure out the molecular structure and function of biomaterials and will participate actively in developing new technologies in the field of biochemistry and vitalizing the operation of bio-related industries.