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 Materials Chemistry Course

In Materials Chemistry Course, we conduct a wide range of education and research, from the analysis and elucidation of structures and properties of materials to the development of synthesis and processing techniques.

This course features education and research addressing our global environment and limited natural resources in response to social needs and requirements, including the design of molecular structure and chemical reactions based on theoretical calculations, development of solar battery materials as clean energy technology, environmentally-friendly functional materials, etc.

Students will first learn basic physical, inorganic, organic chemistry etc. to understand the structures and properties of materials, observed phenomena, and physical and chemical changes from the view point of chemistry. In order to deepen and solidify their theoretical knowledge, students will then engage in practical education including experimental and laboratory work. Furthermore, they will gain professional knowledge and technology through specialized subjects which include polymer chemistry, chemical engineering, materials science, etc.

Upon completion of this systematic coursework, it is hoped that students will become engineers and researchers equipped not only with deep professional knowledge, but also advanced practical engineering skills to play an active role in various technical fields.