Electrical and Electronic Course


The Electrical and Electronics Course aims to cultivate engineers and researchers who will play important roles in the electronics industry.

Electrical energy is crucial in energy utilization and conversion of electrical energy into other energies with high efficiency, control of energy with semiconductor, and secure and safe use of energy for the environment.

The Electrical and Electronics Course offers education and research in core technologies, including electrical energy, electronics, and electrical and electronic material and information systems in response to environmental problems and energy & information technology that modern society should deal with in the near future.

Our objective is to cultivate humane and creative individuals who also possess basic academic skills, logical thinking skills, communicative and presentation skills, and problem-seeking & solving skills. To attain this objective and to instill these basic skills, we offer a sound curriculum consisting of compulsory basic subjects to deepen Students' knowledge and also practical courses in each basic subjects to help students confirm and apply their understanding of the contents.

Furthermore, students will engage in laboratory work in advanced studies in each of the following fields such as: energy, information-communication, electron materials, and system control; they will also be involved in presentations, seeking & solving problems, according to be exposed to cutting-edge research.