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Intelligent Mechanical Engineering Course


The importance of mechatronics which integrates machine engineering with electronic informatics engineering, has been raised in the industrial field through the support of engineers and specialists. Intelligent Mechanical Engineering Course develops engineers who are able to contribute to creation of new science and play an active role in their areas of expertise. This course consists of basic mechanical engineering and mechatronics. It also aims to promote a system which is friendly to humans and the environment. Students will undertake studies in robot engineering, systems engineering, precision engineering, energy engineering, and so on. They will be involved in creating a new generation of intelligent robots and a more energy-efficient system.

Features of the curriculum:

The Intelligent Mechanical Engineering Course aims to develop intelligent machinery systems engineers with a sound knowledge of computer technology in order to analyze and systematize natural human functions (such as the five senses, intelligence, environmental adaptability, etc.) in areas such as knowledge information processing, visual information processing, biological information processing, mechanical modeling and sports dynamics, and manufacturing engineering.