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・Undergraduate program

  Department of Civil Engineering
    Environmental Studies Course
    Disaster Reduction Studies Course
  Department of Mechanical Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering Course
    Intelligent Mechanical Engineering Course
  Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Science
    Materials Chemistry Course
    Biomolecular Science Course
  Department of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering
    Electrical and Electronic Course
    Informatics Course
    Applied Physics Course
Master's Programs
    Civil Engineering Division
    Mechanical and Systems Engineering Division
    Applied Chemistry Division
    Electrical and Electronic Engineering Division
    Biomolecular Science Division
    Information Science Division
    Materials Science and Technology Division
    Human and Information Systems Division
    Mathematical and Design Engineering Division
    Environmental and Renewable Energy Systems Division(Master)
Doctral Programs
    Mechanical and Civil Enginnering Division
    Material Engineering Division
    Electronics and Information Systems Engineering Division
    Environmental and Renewable Energy Systems Division(Doctor)
・ Gifu University Researcher Information
   Please see ”Gifu University Researcher Information" to search faculty members of Gifu University. You can search  by organization, names and research keywords.