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Organization Chart

Faculty of Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering

Environmental Studies Course

Disaster Reduction Studies Course

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Course

Intelligent Mechanical Engineering Course

Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Science

Materials Chemistry Course

Biomolecular Science Course

Department of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering

Electrical and Electronic Course

Informatics Course

Applied Physics Course

Center for Infrastructure Management Technology and Research


Graduate School of Engineering

Master's Program

Civil Engineering Division

Mechanical and Systems Engineering Division

Applied Chemistry Division

Electrical and Electronic Engineering Division

Biomolecular Science Division

Information Science Division

Materials Science and Technology Division

Human and Information Systems Division

Mathematical and Design Engineering Division

Environmental and Renewable Energy Systems Division

Core Section

Environmental Systems

Renewable Energy Systems

Doctor's Program

Coorperative Section

Fundamental Science on Environment

Liaison Section

New Functional Materials for Renewable Energy

(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science Technology)

Mechanical and Civil Engineering Division

Material Engineering Division

Electronics and Information Systems Engineering Division

Administrattion Division
・Management Section
・General Affairs Section
・Management Section
・Outside Funds Affairs Section
・Environment Planning Affairs Section
・Student Affairs Section
・Admissions Section

Supporting and Development Center for Technology Education
・Office for Manufacturing Technology
・Office for Information Technology
・Office for Environmental and Analysis Technology