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Aims of Undergraduate Program

Aims of Undergraduate Program
The Faculty aims at educating and cultivating humane and creative engineers with various abilities from skillful specialists in their chosen fields to integrated experts. The Faculty focuses on developing the appreciation of society, nature and culture, leading to a broader sensitivity, a sound mind and high morality, as well as mastering the basic and systematic sciences required by a professional engineer.

Statement of Diploma Policy of the Faculty of Engineering
Graduating Students from the Faculty of Engineering at Gifu University shall be understood to possess the following abilities:
  1. Basic academic and creative abilities to advance research and development as technological engineers.
  2. Broad general education, deep wisdom, and a strong sense of ethical responsibility as contributing members of society.
  3. The ability to seek solutions to problems patiently and tirelessly.
  4. Communication and cooperative skills vital for research and development.
This Faculty upholds rigorous standards in the accreditation of diplomas to students who have been certified to have mastered and accomplished the above-mentioned abilities.