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Messages from Alumni

Graduate Program/Civil Engineering Division
I am Edwina Zainal, a student from Indonesia at Gifu University. I am enrolled in the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Department of Environmental Hydrology through the BWEEL Program. I studied about environmental issues such as water journey that is referred to as hydrology cycle, the water conservation that is influenced by human activities, communication skills and so on.

As you know, even though Indonesia is a humid tropical country with high annual average rainfall, its water resource problems are still prominent, and need proper management based on suitable technologies and existing policies. Thus upon my return to Indonesia (West Sumatra), I hope to apply what I have learned at Gifu University in real-world settings.

I would like to offer some tips for international students who intend to study in Gifu University. First, I think you should check the university and department websites for information before you get here. Then, set some specific study goals for yourself in order to make the best use of your time. Remember to try to get along with everyone and be positive and cheerful. Don't be afraid to ask for help because people in Gifu are generally nice. When you are in doubt, always ask for help.

Graduate Program/Applied Chemistry Division
My name is Oksil Venriza (33 years old) from Indonesia. I was born in a small city in West Sumatera, Indonesia. My family is not rich, but I was fortunate enough to be able to pursue my education until I got my Master's degree. I had always been able to obtain different scholarships from junior high school to graduate school. Since I was a child, I had always dreamed of going to Japan because it is a technologically advanced country with a great study environment. I always talked about that to my family. In 2011, I applied for the INPEX Scholarship to study as a master student under Prof. Takeuchi Toyohide from Gifu University because I wanted to study liquid chromatography. Prof. Takeuchi has published his research about liquid chromatography in many international journals. Luckily, I was able to obtain the INPEX Scholarship, so in September 2011 I worked as a research student at Takeuchi Laboratory in the Engineering Faculty, Applied Chemistry Division in Gifu University. I was so happy, but I also needed to study the Japanese language hard. After I graduated in March 2014, I continued my studies in order to pursue my doctoral program. Now, I am also glad to join Assoc. Prof. Lee Wah Lim's laboratory. The great atmosphere here allows me to further my study under a great supervisor. Since I have been living in Japan, I am also active in some exchange cultural events between Indonesia and Japan. In fact, the local Japanese newspaper has even published some of the performances that I have took part in. Lastly, I wish to thank my family and friends.

Graduate Program/Information Science Division
Now I am researching theoretically on dynamical hadron interactions in particle physics. For somebody, they often feel that physics is so difficult or it does not relate to life. But actually physics and life have a tight interrelation, understand physics, we deeply understand our world. By understanding the particle physics, we can find the construction of matter or the origin of universe.

If someone have a plan for studying abroad in Japan, Gifu university is a good choice because Gifu is located in the middle of Japan, from here you easily travel to Kyoto, Nagoya, Osaka or Tokyo. Moreover, the studying environment in Gifu university is really basic, active, professional and the professors here are really kind. As a senior, I just have some advice for the students, who are thinking of studying in Gifu, that is, think well and search carefully the information of the major you want to study in Gifu university in order to have the best choice for your future career. Before starting a course in Gifu universiy, you should prepare your Japanese skill because you will need it for the daily life in Gifu.

On the way to become a professor, after completing the Ph.D Course in Gifu University, I will find a position of postdoc in somewhere to get more experiences. Then I will come back my country to find a job as a physics lecturer in a universiy in Hanoi Vietnam.

Graduate Program/Electrical and Electronic Engineering Division
I am Cancio Monteiro, from Timor-Leste. I came to Japan in 2009 under the Japanese Government Scholarship. I enrolled in Gifu University to pursue my Master's degree in 2010. I finished my Master's degree in Engineering in 2012, and then was awarded a scholarship opportunity to further my study. I am currently in my final year of PhD degree. I have been doing research at the Sekine-Takahashi Lab, in the field of Secure and Low-Power LSI Design for Secure Data Communication System. During my academic life here in Gifu University, I faced many challenges, such as language barrier, subject difficulties, research study, and daily living. Fortunately, with a spirit of willingness, curiosity, seriousness in research study, and unlimited support and guidance from my supervisors, professors, and Japanese colleagues, everything went well so far. Therefore, I can reassure international students who are willing to continue their studies in Gifu University to put away your worries, come and enjoy the creative and innovative research life here. I am going to say goodbye to all of you in the coming spring to go back to my lovely country where I hope to contribute to nation building in Timor-Leste. Through my career, I want to spread my knowledge to many young Timorese to help them prepare a brighter future and a better life for all Timorese people.

Graduate Program/Environmental and Renewable Energy Systems Division
My name is Sri Hartuti, I am a Ph.D. student of Environmental and Renewable Energy System Division in Gifu University.

What I have been studying....
My research study is about leaching characterization of the trace element arsenic from worldwide coal fly ashes in water. This research required knowledge and skills in quantitative analysis techniques and instruments. And I had obtained many useful and valuable data for the protection of environment in the world.

My advice for foreign students who intend to continue their studies here.....
As Japan is famous as a technologically advanced country and has a high educational system supported by excellent professors, I wish the foreign students who intend to join Gifu University to continue their studies will make the best opportunity to grasp new and effective knowledge and skills. And in order to ensure a smooth life in Gifu, please follow Japanese rules especially university rules.

Kind of work which I want to obtain in the future.....
If I have a chance, I would like to work in Japan, in order to gain more valuable knowledge and skills about Japanese work ethic.