ITAYA Yoshinori

Title Professor
Department Department of Mechanical Engineering
Course Mechanical Engineering Course

Research fields

R&D on upgrading technologies of low-rank energy resources are performed to establish environmental-friendly energy system. The main topics are:

  • High temperature gasification of low rank carbonaceous resources like biomass and lignite
  • Refrigeration and heating-up from low temperature waste heat by absorption heat pump system
  • Combined decomposition and functional materials production by microwave plasma
  • Upgrading of low rank carbonaceous resources by hydrothermal treatment process
  • Cleaning of gas yielded in gasification by activated cokes
  • Self-energy closed system for upgrading and recycle of sludge
  • Thermal radiation heat transfer mechanism in high temperature multiphase processes
  • Drying-induced shrinkage mechanism of molded materials and accurate control

Fig.1 Bench-scale plant of high temperature steam generation from low temperature waste heat Fig.2 Activated cokes induced microwave plasma under atmospheric pressure

Research Keywords

  Thermal Engineering, Energy Engineering, Environment Engineering, Process Engineering

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