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Mechanical Engineering Course

Mechanical Engineering Course


Mechanical Engineering is the discipline that contributes to the development and application of knowledge and technology in manufacturing from immediate surroundings (i.e. micro-machines) to gigantic structures (i.e. space station). It also makes the contribution to the design, development, and production in a wide field.
The Mechanical Engineering Course emphasizes five specialized fields, including four dynamics (materials, machinery, fluid, & energy) and production process. The department conducts education and research which consists of analytical estimation using computers. It is the aim of the course to develop all-round mechanical engineers who can deal with various new technologies under an outstanding educational system which includes experimental and practical subjects and information-processing subjects.

Features of the curriculum:

The Mechanical Engineering Course offers the following curriculum: (1) basic theories of mechanical engineering including strength of materials, fluid dynamics, heat dynamics and product-processing, which are essential in various manufacturing sectors such as the automotive or aircraft industry, (2) specialized subjects in various mechanical engineering fields, and (3) practical subjects including applied CAE and drafting and design.
Students will be able to learn the latest theories and knowledge in mechanical engineering, solve issues, and develop their presentation skills.