Title Professor
Department Department of Civil Engineering
Course Disaster Reduction Studies Course

Research fields

The goal of our group is to develop  advanced construction materials and structures to achieve durable, sustainable and high performance infrastructures. Experimental and numerical approaches are adopted to the assessment in the research. Integration of micro level (material) and macro level (structure) is also key issue in our group.

Examples of recent researches are introduced as follows; 

1. Development of high performance Fiber Reinforced Concrete (FRC) and its application to repair or strengthening of concrete

2. Development of life-span simulation tools for FRC

3. Development of flow analysis of fresh concrete and its application to construction planning

4. Evaluation of durability of post-installed anchors

5. Reuse of recycled carbon fibers in concrete

Cooperative research projects with domestic and international company related to the above theme are carried out in this group.

Developed mortar applied to deck slab of existing bridge Numerical fiber reinforced concrete

Research Keywords

 Construction materials, Maintenance of infrastructure, Numerical analysis for concrete

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