Title Associate Professor
Department Department of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering
Course Electrical and Electronic Course

Research fields

By combining millimeter-wave/terahertz wave technology and photonics technology, we are creating a new technology that goes beyond existing concepts, and we are trying to explore new research areas based on this unique technology. For example, based on photonics technology, we are developing the measurement technologies to visualize an electric field (microwaves, millimeter waves (up to 300 GHz),and terahertz waves (300 GHz to 10THz), and based on this technology, we are working on the evaluation of 79 GHz millimeter-wave radar, analysis of millimeter wave and terahertz wave wireless communication channels, experimental research on the electromagnetic response of plasmonic devices/ metamaterials, scattering/diffraction problems of optical vortices and non-diffracting beams, etc. Figure shows experimentally visualized THz wave. We are also collaborating with research institutes and companies in various countries to develop technologies related to wireless communication in the terahertz waveband. For example, we are developing a high-gain antenna in the 300 GHz band of about the same size as the wavelength, demonstrating terahertz communications using this antenna, and developing a 300 GHz high-speed wireless transmission system that can be connected to an actual network.

Research Keywords

Visualization of electric field, Millimeter-wave and Terahertz (THz) wave, THz photonics, THz wireless communication

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