OHTANI Tomoyuki
Title Associate Professor
Department Department of Civil Engineering
Course Disaster Reduction Studies Course

Research fields

My research topics are low-temperature geothermal uses and fault zones based on geology.

The researches of low-temperature geothermal uses are

1) Underground temperature distribution and its variation in the alluvial fan, and
2) Potential assessment on low-temperature geothermal uses based on natural and social conditions.

The final goals of these researches are to develop the method which diagnostic the suitable areas for the low-temperature geothermal uses from the point of geological and hydrogeological points, and to develop the method to understand the available resources of low-temperature geothermal energy in each area.

The research of fault zones is

3) Mineralogical and geochemical features of the latest slip zone.

The final goal of this research is .to understand the recent fault activity from the survey of fault zones in basement rocks.

Results of potential assessment on low-temperature geothermal uses Surface rupture slipped in the earthquake in April 2014 Iwaki city

Research Keywords

geology, applied geology, geothermal resource geology

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