Title Professor
Department Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Science
Course Materials Chemistry Course

Research fields

Preparation and their application of functional organic molecules
Organic compounds such as pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals are important molecules that support the life of mankind. In our laboratory, we isolate and purify a variety of organic compounds from plants having their physiological activity. We analyze the structure. We confirm the structure activity relationship of the obtained compounds. We prepare various compounds by organic synthesis in order to obtain the more active compounds.
· Search for bioactive compounds from medicinal plants in Indonesia
· Search for active compounds from local food and local plants
· Modification of the structure by organic synthesis
· Structure-activity relationship

We ask our students in our laboratory to study abroad to be able to respond to the globalization of the world. Until now, our students studied in the University of Utah (USA), Andalas University (Indonesia), Benguru University (Indonesia), SP College (India), Academia Sinica (Taiwan), etc. In addition, in order to carry out international exchange in the laboratory for Japanese students, we invited graduate students or postdoctoral researchers from Indonesia, Tanzania, India, Malaysia, China etc.

Fig1 Effect of N-trans-feruloyltyramine on melanin content in B16 melanoma cells Fig2 Synthetic strategy of amino acid derivatives of tricin

Research Keywords

Organic Synthtic Chemistry Natural Product Chemistry Biological activity Development of medicine candidate

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