YAMADA Keisuke
Title Associate Professor
Department Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Science
Course Materials Chemistry Course

Research fields

Our research focuses on "Spintronics", an engineering field of spin electronics utilizing both the "charge" and "spin" of electrons in solid-state materials. Particularly, we investigate the characteristic spin structure of the solids at sub-micron and nanoscale .Our goal is to establish the process of fabricating new magnetic materials and to understand their chemical and physical properties, which will eventually pave the way for developing novel spintronic devices in the near future [Figure].

Our research projects include:
・Novel magnetic nanomaterials such as nanowires, circular dots, and nanoparticles at sub-micron and nanoscale
・Numerical simulation of spin dynamics induced by external fields (magnetic, current, electric field, etc.).

We provide students with hands-on innovative research experience in our laboratory. The valuable experience helps them develop their skills in critical thinking, systematic planning, and productive actions and prepare for their future career as professionals capable of solving challenging problems. Let's study magnetic materials and spintronics together !!
                  Figure : Research field

Research Keywords

Spintronics, Magnetism,  Nano-structure physics,  Numerical simulation

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