【Staff】FUKAI Hidekazu

FUKAI Hidekazu
Title Assistant Professor
Department Department of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering
Course Informatics Course

Research fields

The biological systems are highly complex information processing systems in which remain a lot of frontiers. We study the mechanisms of the systems using recent statistical method and mathematical models. The subjects are from time series of electroencepharography (EEG), magnetencepharography (MEG) and audio signals, to auditory and visual information processing and also the topics related to cognitive psychology. For example, one of our studies is about the development of methods for separation of multidimensional mixed signals, such as blind source separation (BSS) and independent component analysis (ICA), on EEG, MEG and audio signals. Our research on cognitive process of auditory and color vision focuses on using recent statistical method and also big-data. We are also applying non-linear, singularity and chaos theories on from neuron models to cognitive processes.

Research Keywords

Biological Information Processing, multidimensional signal processing, nonlinear dynamical systems

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