Messages from Students

Enjoy your research!

Guan Chen Guan Chen
(Master Course, Information Science Devision, Graduate School of Engineering)
Since I thought that the Japanese are very earnest and serious about undertaking research, I came to Japan to study abroad soon after graduation. I chose Yokota Laboratory of Gifu University because I loved taking pictures and was very interested in image processing. I am dealing with detection of moving objects on video. This research is useful and allows us to detect destructive animals such as rats. Though you may think that research activities are not interesting, we are able to find motivation to carry out our research activities and achieve results when we are interested in the contents. At first I felt lonely and terrible shortly after I came here, but I found studying here interesting because the teachers and students of Gifu University were kind and helpful. Why don't you enjoy studying here, choose your favorite field of study and develop your interest in it?

Turn your ideas into reality!

Ngo Thi Thu Ngo Thi Thu
(Doctor Course, Electronics and Information Systems Engineering Division, Graduate School of Engineering)
Nanotechnology is a relatively modern science, with the suggestion of research and developments of a very miniature nature. It's a very technical subject, so you won't generally get very far without a good degree level grounding in the basic, underlying science and technology. And Engineer Department of Gifu University is a great place to get started. Now I am a PhD student in here, I am studying with world-renowned faculty, getting hands-on, real-world engineering experience. Working with a high performance computer, I can see how a nanoscale wave can make the nanofocused optical fields at the point. You cannot see by eyes, but it is amazing. Engineering, Master or PhD graduates are in high demand. Companies are looking for people who combine technical capabilities with communication, teamwork and leadership skills - all of which are part of the curriculum at Engineering Department of Gifu University. Start here, and you can take your career wherever your ambitions lead you. Continue working as a career in nanotechnology after completing the Ph.D course in Japan is my unreal dream because I am not too good at Japanese. However nobody knows what the future holds. I am trying my best to study, to improve myself.