【Staff】KAMABE Hiroshi

KAMABE Horoshi
Title Professor
Department Department of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering
Course Informatics Course

Research fields

I am interested in channel coding techniques for recording devices and memory devices. Although any digital data can be recorded into hard disks or DVD, digital data sequences should be converted into sequences which satisfy some physical constraints before being recorded. The techniques for the conversion are called channel codings, recording codings or constrained codings. I shall construct more sophisticated coding schemes so that very high density recording devices can be available.

Recently nonvolatile memories, e.g. flash memory and phase change memory, are widely used. These memories have various physical constraints which recorded data should satisfy. It has been shown that constraint codes are also useful for these memories. Therefore I investigate constrained codes for non-volatile memories too.

DNA sequences can be used to solve computational problems. There are some constraints on DNA sequences such that each computation step is executed without errors. Therefore the constrained codes for DNA sequences are also one of our research themes.

I investigate the above themes in terms of information theory and symbolic dynamics.

Research Keywords

Information Theory, Recording Code, Symbolic Dynamics, Non-volatile Momory

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