【Staff】TAMURA Satoshi

TAMURA Satoshi
Title Associate Professor
Department Department of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering
Course Informatics Course

Research fields

I have been working the following areas: speech signal processing, computer vision and image processing, music information processing, and natural language (text) processing.
Based on these researches, I have also been investigating multimodal information processing:
  • Audio-visual speech recognition, voice activity detection, speech conversion and model adaptation using speech signals as well as lip images.
  • Cross-modal researches such as the application of speech technologies to the other areas.
Through these activities, I'd like to improve the performance of each pattern recognition task e.g. speech recognition, and to explore the universal recognition algorithm that is commonly applied to many pattern recognition areas.

In addition, I have been collaborating with doctors and researchers in the school of medicine in our university.
Using the above technologies, medical information processing (large-scale data processing and data mining), lung sound analysis, and advanced critical care have been investigated.

Multimodal speech recognition

Research Keywords

Speech signal processing, Multimodal information processing, Pattern Recognition, Medicine-engineering collaboration

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