【Staff】MATSUMOTO Tadahiro

Title Associate Professor
Department Department of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering
Course Informatics Course

Research fields

The major research area of our laboratory is natural language processing (or computational linguistics), such as morphological analysis, phrase dependency analysis, and machine translation. For example, we have been developing a pilot machine translation system from Japanese to other Asian languages through the cooperation of overseas students. The target languages of this machine translation system include Chinese, Mongolian and Japanese Sign Language (JSL). Sign language is not the same around the world, and JSL distinct from Japanese in both lexicon and grammar. In this respect, JSL is just like a foreign language. JSL has no standard written form for the present. The objects of natural language processing are written/spoken languages in text form, and consequently the lack of written form is a major obstacle to natural language processing of sign languages. We are also conducting research on writing systems for JSL and their applications to machine translation from Japanese to JSL and other software, such as JSL text editor, JSL-Japanese dictionary and JSL-ASL (American Sign Language) dictionary.

Research Keywords

Natural Language Processing, Computational Linguistics, Sign Language

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