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Yadanabon University Rector Aye Kyaw Visits Gifu University (Jun. 28, 2016)

  On June 28, 2016, Dr. Aye Kyaw, Rector of Yadanabon University, Myanmar, paid a courtesy call on Dr. Hisataka Moriwaki, President of Gifu University (GU). In December 2014, GU’s Faculty of Engineering has signed a memorandum of understanding for a faculty-level partnership with Yadanabon’s Department of Natural Science. Since then, we have actively exchanged students and researchers including two Myanmar students currently studying in GU’s Graduate School of Engineering and GU’s Japanese students having visited Yadanabon last year.
  Rector Aye Kyaw and President Moriwaki have agreed that the two universities should further develop their partnership. Dr. Aye Kyaw expressed his interest in extending it to a multi-faculty partnership; Dr. Moriwaki then said, “When your staff members visit us in the future, please have them see GU’s other faculties. Hopefully it will help further activate the partnership through developing new collaborations and exchanges.”

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  Dr. Aye Kyaw also visited the Faculty of Engineering (ENG) at GU. After meeting with Dr. Shuichi Nonomura, ENG Dean, he joined a research laboratory tour. In Dr. Nonomura’s lab, he talked to a couple of Myanmar scholars including Dr. Yin Maung Maung, Associate Professor of Mandalay University, another Myanmar partner university, who is currently a visiting researcher at GU on a NEDO’s project, and an ENG graduate student who graduated from Yadanabon.
When Dr. Aye Kyaw visited Dr. Kazuma Nakazawa’s lab, GU’s liaison for Yadanabon University, he enjoyed talking in person to 4 ENG graduate students, graduates of Yadanabon or Mandalay.
  Rector Aye Kyaw also briefly visited a classroom lecture.

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