NITTA Takahiro

NITTA Takahiro
Department Department of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering
Applied Physics Course

Research fields

I'm working on nanotechnology utilizing biomolecular motors, and sliding friction of soft materials. I'm conducting these researches through experiments and with computer simulations. I believe that conducting these application-oriented researches also deepen our basic understandings on biophysics, polymer physics and statistical physics. Specific research projects are listed below:
Motor protein-based nanotechnology:
*Desiging guiding tracks for molecular shuttles powered by motor proteins
*Mechanism of movements of molecular shuttle driven by motor proteins
*Development of microactuators driven by motor proteins:
Sliding friction of soft materials:
*In situ observation of frictional interfaces:
*Contact mechanics
Through these researches, I'm trying to educate students to be engineers with strong background of physics and being able to work on various fields.

Research Keywords

bionanotechnology biophysics   tribology polymer physics

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