Messages from Students



The Division of Mathematical and Design Engineering can be simply explained in a mathematical equation as: Mathematical and Design Engineering Division=(science division + engineering division)÷2. In this division, we are studying physical phenomena in order to understand them logically. For instance, we are learning from the dynamics of structure to the movements of molecules that include a broad spectrum of things unparalleled in other divisions. While studying the theories of various physical phenomena, I was surprised at the fact that even though different phenomena occur in completely different fields, the similar equation is viewed from the mathematical perspective. On the other hand, physical phenomena such as the deformation of objects and water flow are not able to be solved, although we can describe them in mathematical equations. I really realized how difficult the analysis of physical phenomena is. Therefore, the fact that we can be moved this way is the biggest attractive feature of this division.


I work at the ceramics technologies division of DENSO Corporation. I'm in charge of development and design of exhaust temperature sensor and contribute to reduction of automobile emission. My various experiences with studying theories, CAE, and experiments at the university have helped me deal with product development and design. In addition, I think the most important thing I learned as an engineer was the ability to think matters deeply through discussion with teachers and colleagues.