【Staff】TERADA Kazunori

TERADA Kazunori
Title Professor
Department Department of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering
Course Informatics Course

Research fields

My research objective is to understand and artificially realize the social intelligence. Social intelligence is intelligence to regulate interpersonal relationships. A society consists of members who are basically selfish but have a necessity of cooperation to defencse from enemies. In such society, two opposing capabilities, i.e., exploiting others and detecting an exploitative opponent, is important. These capabilities are implemented by exchanging information through various type of communication channels such as verbal and nonverbal language, emotion and mind. In our laboratory, we aim at modelling how such information exchanged in the social context is used to regulate social relationship and implementing in social robot. The research topics are modelling deception, controlling agency, animacy perception and emotion expression. Furthermore, we are are studying core mechanism of autism spectrum disorder and developing robot to support cognitive development of children with autism spectrum disorder.

Research Keywords

human-agent interaction, emotion, behavior, evolution, development, learning, socialty

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