【Staff】YAMAGUCHI Tadashi

Title Associate Professor
Department Department of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering
Course Informatics Course

Research fields

We develop numerical techniques for the electromagnetic field analysis using the three-dimensional finite element method, and analyze various characteristics of electromagnetic apparatus such as electromagnets and motors as its application.
The electromagnetic apparatus analyzed in recent years are as follows:
non-contact charging coil, high-frequency transformer, filter reactor, polarized electromagnet, small industrial motor, and electric vehicle motor , and so on.
Parallelization of the analysis system has also become one of the research themes.
It has become possible by the improvement of the development environment and computer performance in recent years. It can be built a parallel computer system using general PCs. The electromagnetic field analysis using the three-dimensional finite element method will benefit from a great deal of the parallelization. So, we develop the three-dimensional parallel finite element method on a PC cluster, which is consisted of 16-32 PCs to analyze the magnetic field and the characteristics of the electromagnetic apparatus.

PC Cluster

Research Keywords

3-D Finite Element Method, Electromagnetic Field Analysis, Computer Simulation

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