【Staff】YOKOTA Yasunari

YOKOTA Yasunari
Title Professor
Department Department of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering
Course Informatics Course

Research fields

We study about methods for signal processing and image processing, and their applications. The target of signal processing includes human voice, music, call of animals, electrocardiogram (ECG), magneto encephalogram (MEG), vibration of machines, and so on. The target of image processing includes character images, natural images, moving images recorded by an infrared surveillance camera, medical ultrasonic echo images, magnetic resonance image(MRI), computed tomography (CT), and so on.

For all applicants to our laboratory:
Our study is mainly proceeding by (1) first, a new method/technique for signal or image processing is developed based on mathematics and applied mathematics, and then (2) efficiency of the developed method is proved by computer simulations for actual data. Therefore, ability for both mathematics and computer programing, for which we are using MATLAB, are indispensable for our study. Furthermore, ethical perspective and sense of responsibility are also required because the greater part of our studies is collaborative study.

Research Keywords

Signal processing, Image information processing, Machine learning, Biological information and measurement

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