Associate Professor

INOUE Yoshihiro
Associate Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Course

Research fields

  • Turbulent shear flows
    Boundary layer, Separated shear layer, Free jet and Wall jet.
  • Fluid flow instrumentation
    Multiple hot-wire probe, Particle Image Velocimetry, Ultrasonic Doppler Profiler.
  • Data mining
    Discrete Wavelet analysis, Poper Orthogonal Decomposition.
  • Flow visualization
    Low-speed water flow, Flow transition process, Vortex formation.
  • Thermofluid simulation
    Finite Difference method, CIP method.
  • Polymer injection mold
    Polymer flow visualization, Measurements of pressure, temperature, and skin friction in mold.

Research Keywords

Turbulent shear flow, Fluid flow instrumentation, Flow visualization, Polymer injection mold

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