Associate Professor


Title Associate Professor
Department Department of Mechanical Engineering
Course Mechanical Engineering Course

Research fields

Study of regeneration technique of biomass and recirculation process of unused resources, such as sludge, for the global environment and future energy is my research interest. Woody biomass gasification process, dewatering process of sludge, bio-drying process of high moisture content biomass and hydrothermal treatment process for high efficiency energy conversion and energy saving is also my recent concern.

  • High temperature gasification process of woody biomass or dried sludge
  • Energy conversion process with carbon dioxide capture and storage (Development of Chemical Looping Process and oxygen carrier)
  • High efficiency pulverization process for woody biomass utilization
  • Energy conversion and energy saving process for high moisture content biomass by hydrothermal treatment

Fig.1 Solution for the furture energy and global environment! Fig.2 Biomass Gasification (Inside of reactor)

Research Keywords

Energy Conversion Process, Energy Saving Process, Resource Circulation, Gas-Solid Reaction

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