Associate Professor

Associate Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Course

Research fields

We focus on internal combustion engines, space environment utilization, and fire safety in combustion enegineering and aerospace engineering. We extensively research combustion and reactive flow through experimental, theoretical, and computational studies.
Our research areas and interests include following thrusts:

  • Study on combustion phenomena in microgravity
    Research on combustion phenomena in microgravity with reduced buoyancy and effects of gravity via a droptower or parabolic flights
  • Enhancement of ignition performance in internal combustion engines via laser-induced spark
    Evaluation of ignition characteristics of laser-induced spark ignition which utilizes a high-temperature plasme generated when a laser is focused and application to internal combustion engines
  • Study on flame spread over polymer-insulated wires and ignition behaviors of pyrolyzed gases from polymer insulation
    Research on a transition from pyrolysis, ignition, to flame spread and dripping behaviors of melted insulation and its effect on flame spread

Research Keywords

Combustion, Space Environment Utilization, Internal Combustion Engine

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