KOUSAKA Hiroyuki
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Course

Research fields

Excellent mechanical response characteristics such as low-friction, anti-wear, low-adhesion are desired for the contact surfaces of mechanical materials and components. Recently, highly-functionalized surfaces and their manufacturing technologies for achieving excellent mechanical response characteristics are more and more strongly desired with increasing demand for sophistication, downsizing, and energy saving of machines. Therefore, in the field of surface manufacturing (processing), we aim to

  1. Find and propose new manufacturing principles and methods
  2. Scientifically clarify the important mechanism behind the principles and methods
  3. Achieve the practical use of the principles and methods as an advanced technology and instrument for surface manufacturing.

In particular, we are now focusing on the following topics, by taking advantages of our expertise on Plasma, Tribology, and Manufacturing, etc.

  • On-by-one DLC coating by using microwave-excited high-density plasma surrounding substrate
  • Internal DLC coating of mm-sized halls and tubes by using microwave-excited high-density plasma surrounding substrate
  • Fundamental understanding of microwave-excited high-density plasma surrounding substrate (with plasma measurements and simulations)
  • High-speed heating without external heater for plasma-assisted thermal treatments (Nitriding and carburizing)
  • Ultra-high-speed spot coating of DLC at over 1 mm/h with source gas blowing
  • Plasma-assisted lubrication (Promotion of running-in process of sliding between Si-DLC and polymer materials by atmospheric plasma irradiation)
  • Development of small plasma gun for integration to manufacturing machines
  • Plasma processing of polymer materials stacked with 3D printer
  • Development of silicone-oil-free plastic syringe
  • Clarification of the mechanism behind the wear increase of Si-containing DLC with increasing Si content

Fig.1 Schematic illustration of one-by-one flow DLC coating by using microwave-excited high-density plasma surrounding substrate(

Fig.2 Microwave-excited high-density plasma surrounding substrate

Research Keywords

Plasma manufacturing (Processing), Tribology, Friction, Wear, Adhesion, Machining,Mold. Microwave,Simulation (Plasma, Electromagnetic wave), IoT,One-by-one flow, DLC (diamond-Like Carbon),Diamond,Deposition,PVD, CVD, Surface design,Surface Analyze,Mechanical Engineering、Plasma Engineering,Surface Engineering

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