Title Professor
Department Department of Mechanical Engineering
Course Mechanical Engineering Course

Research fields

We are interested in techniques of wave analysis and modal analysis, and would like to apply these techniques to automotive NVH problem and creation of machinery.

The followings are our recent topics:

  1. NVH design method based on generation mechanism of eigenvibration from a viewpoint of wave superposition.
  2. Design method of the direction of wave propagation in mechanical structures.
  3. Input power attenuation by using destructive interference.
  4. Control of the direction of acoustical waves and ocean waves by periodic structures.
  5. Performance improvement of a traveling-wave based aquatic propulsion mechanism by generation techniques of a pure traveling wave.
  6. Development of a blower and a pump using generation principle of traveling space between two resonantly-driven plates.

Fig.1 Performance improvementof aquatic forward propuslion by using a wedge-shaped
Fig.2 Travelling space between two resonantly-driven plates.

Research Keywords

Dynamics of Machinery, Wave Analysis, Modal Analysis, Wave Generation

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