Associate Professor


Title Associate Professor
Department Department of Mechanical Engineering
Course Mechanical Engineering Course

Research fields

Our research interst is depodition and investgation of silicon thin films on glass or silicon substrate.Our recent research topics are following;

  • High rate deposition using PE jet CVD
    We investigate Plasma Enhanced jet Chemical Vapor Deposition (PE jet CVD) method. The advantage of the method is very high deposition rate, 1000 times faster than that of usual method.

  • Micro scale electronic investigation of a-Si:H using SPM
    We investigate local electronic property of amorphous hydrogenated silicon (a-Si:H) thin film on crystalline silicon (c-Si) byScanning Probe Microscope(SPM). SPM is a useful tool for nanoscale or microscale measurement of surface mophorogy and electronic property.

We think both simulational and experimental studies are important. We have vacuum chambers, Dry pump, TMP pump and RF/VHF power supply. CHEMKIN-Pro (Reaction Design) and ANSYS FLUENT (ANSYS) were utilized for analysis.

Fig.1 Deposited silicon during Plasma Jet CVD process Fig.2 Calculated velocity distribution in Plasma Jet CVD

Research Keywords

CVD, silicon thin film, solar cells

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