Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Course

Research fields

We research about the circular energy utilization by the energy converting technology of waste and unutilized resources, for the purpose of the circulation of resources and energy creation with a little environmental load. We study about the upgrading low grade resources such as waste and coal with heat treatment, and converting technology from reformed resources to heat energy, and utilization method of reformed resources as functional materials. Our mail research topics are characteristics analysis of organic waste (sewage sludge) treated by heat, and co-gasification process using sludge and coal. Our future research is not only energy conversion from low grade carbon resources but also synthesis conversion to chemical materials. And we will create the circular system which is sustainable of materials and energy, and conformable to environment. On the other hand, we provide the educational program through the research, and have the education policy suitable in the times.

Research Keywords

Thermal Engineering, Energy, Non-equilibrium plasma

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