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 An apparatus with heat and flow is used in various situations. For stability and performance enhancement of the apparatus, we develop the measurement method using a laser to visualize the behavior of heat and flow around the device, and apply the measurement method to investigate the heat and flow phenomena. For example, lean premixed combustion is used in a gas turbine from the viewpoint of the environmental load reduction at a thermal power station. Lean premixed combustion can make uniform combustion temperature fields and it is useful for reducing the nitrogen oxide causing acid rain and the photochemical smog. On the contrary, the premixed combustion is easy to become unstable, and there is a risk to cause a flashback and a combustion apparatus is damaged by heat flow. Therefore, the development of the combustion apparatus based on the analysis of the combustion phenomena is expected. The recently interested studies are described bellows.

Fig.1 Flame propagation image and instantaneous velocity fields in a cylindirical tube
Fig.2 Instantaneous gas cocentration fields in a lean premixed burner

Research Keywords

Thermal Engineering, Combustion Engineering, Heat and flow diagnostics

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