Associate Professor

NAITO Keishi
Associate Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Course

Research fields

◆Research and development on mechanical properties and fracture of polymer materials
 The mechanical properties of polymer materials are greatly affected by the entanglement of molecular chains, the degree of orientation (the ratio of molecular chains facing the same direction), and the degree of crystallinity. The entanglement of molecular chains also has a significant effect on crazing, which is a unique phenomenon of polymer materials (a precursor to fracture). We are studying the relation between entanglement of molecular chains and mechanical properties, and fracture. And also, we are developing applications based on our research results.

◆Research and development on polymer composites
 We are trying to improve the functionality (especially mechanical properties) of fiber-reinforced plastics (FRP) and particle-filled composites. For example, we have recently developed a simple method for predicting the upper and lower limits of strength of short fiber-reinforced plastics, and are trying to fabricate three-dimensionally isotropic FRP (trying to fabricate sea-urchin-like carbon particles and composites filled with them).

Prototype of sea-urchin-like carbon particle (Carbon Spike Ball)

Research Keywords

Functional polymer material, Polymer processing, Polymer composite

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