Assistant professor


職名 Assistant Professor
学科 Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Course


Weight reduction of moving vehicle such as automobiles and aircraft is one of the most important factors in improving fuel consumption. Therefore, polymer and polymer-based composites, which are lighter than metal, have recently been adopted not only for the interior of moving vehicle but also as structural materials. On the other hand, polymers often have insufficient mechanical properties to be used as structural materials, and composite materials often have weaknesses at the interface between reinforcement and matrix. Hence, investigations of molding techniques and effect of material structure on mechanical property of polymers and polymer-based composites are our main research topic. The followings are our recent topics:
・Development of hybrid reinforcement process for bioabsorbable ceramics and polymers composite by drawing and internal treatment,
・Investigation of effect of atmospheric pressure plasma treatment on fiber-matrix interface in carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastics,
・Study on improvement of mechanical properties of cellulose nanofiber/poly(lactic acid) composites using matrix shrinkage by crystallization,
・Investigation of induction heating process for hot forging of carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic polyimide,
・Simulation of molecular orientation during hot forging by using combination of finite element method and molecular chain network model,


Sakaguchi_Fig_1.jpg Sakaguchi_Fig_2.jpg
Fig. 1 FEM analysis image of plastic strain
during extrusion drawing of plastic billet.
Fig. 2 Cross section of plain woven carbon
fiber reinforced plastics.


 Polymer Material, Polymer Composite, Plastic Forming・Prosessing, Material-Interface Engineering