UEMATSU Yoshihiko

Title Professor
Department Department of Mechanical Engineering
Course Mechanical Engineering Course

Research fields

In order to keep safety and reliability of mechanical components, it is important to understand fatigue fracture mechanisms. In our research group, all research topics are strongly related to the fatigue of structural materials and components. Recently, newly developed structural materials such as magnesium alloy are increasingly used for mechanical components. We investigate fatigue fracture mechanism of magnesium alloy using EBSD method or using micro-cantilever specimen with the length of 40 micron (shown in the photo). Furthermore, new joining methods such as friction stir welding are applied for mechanical structures or for microstructure modification, thus the fatigue behavior of friction stir welds is important research topics. Surface treatments such as DLC coating and ultra-sonic shot peening etc. are also widely used. We investigate the effect of surface treatments on fatigue and corrosion fatigue properties. Thus we are focusing on the fatigue fracture mechanism of new structural materials, understanding the effect of surface treatments on fatigue and corrosion fatigue properties and fatigue behavior of joints and welds.

Fig.1 Micro-cantilever specimen. Fig.2 Small fatigue crack observed in β-Ti alloy.

Research Keywords

Fatigue, Fracture Mechanism, Structural Material

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