YOSHIDA Yoshinori yoshida_photo2.jpg
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Course

Research Keywords

I work for research and development for advanced metal forming and next generation additive manufacturing technology. I coupled an optimization algorithm based on machine learning with finite element numerical simulation code, then the autopilot finite element analysis (APFEA) system is developed. It is used for automatic optimization of manufacturing processes, and the optimization code also is connected with press forming machines and additive manufacturing facility. The optimization of real manufacturing processing parameters is conducted. In addition, I developed a new additive manufacturing (AM) process which involves large plastic deformation (Additive Manufacturing with large Plastic deformation, AMPD). It is used for manufacturing of artificial implant; bone screw, artificial hip joint etc.
Strongly-coupled Cyber Physical System

Research Keywords

Metal Forming, Additive Manufacturing, Numerical simulation, Machine learning

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