Title Professor
Department Department of Mechanical Engineering
Course Mechanical Engineering Course

Research fields

In our Combustion Laboratory, we conduct studies on combustion and its new utilizations including internal combustion engines for automotives and aircrafts and low emission, development of micro-combustors, fire safety in space and surface modification by flame. Humanity obtains energy through combustion, and clean and efficient combustion technology is a recent important issue. For higher thermal efficiency and lower emission of internal combustion engines, we study on HCCI combustion phenomena and development of non-intrusive temperature distribution measurement technique with infrared emission method, which can be applied to measurement inside the cylinder and high enthalpy supersonic exhaust jet of the pre-cooled turbojet engine, which is developed for an aircraft's engine of next generation. We also study on micro-combustors, which keep combustion inside a very small volume less than quenching distance, and develop a handy personal micro-cogenerator which consists of a micro-combustor, thermo-electric modules and fuel-air supplying system. For fire safety study, we are now carrying out the study on flammability of solid materials in microgravity environment, which is an international project to propose a new fire safety standard in space, and orbital experiments are planned in Kibo module of International Space Station.

Fig.1 Flame spread over a solid material in microgravity environment. Fig.2 Instantaneous temperature distribution in the cylinder when the cool flame is propagating

Research Keywords

Combustion, Internal combustion engine, Space Environment Utilization

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