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Mechanical and Systems Engineering Division


In recent years, the establishment of advanced technological foundations has become crucial as machines are increasingly required to take measures to preserve the environment, conserve energy, recycle, as well as achieve high functionality. Therefore, it is our primary task to nurture talented individuals who possess both specialized and interdisciplinary abilities. This division aims to nurture students' acquisition of further advanced knowledge and problem-solving skills through researches built on the foundations in their undergraduate education in the following four fields. It also develops professional engineers who will contribute to the achievement of an affluent society through the design, development, and research of machines and machine systems.

Field of Mechanics for Mechanical Design
In the field of manufacturing, it is vital to design safe and reliable machines and to ensure the safety and reliability of completed machines. Therefore, it is necessary to mechanically understand the fundamental phenomena of material deformation and fractures. In this course, we undertake research subjects involving various materials on the phenomena of fatigue failure, which causes machine damages, the intensity of fastener components such as bolts, and the elastic-plastic deformation caused by impact phenomena.
・SEM(Scanning Electron Microscope) observation of fracture surface for metallic material

Field of Fluid System Engineering
In this course, we deal with fluid dynamics such as air, water, etc. Air and water are essential for life and at the same time play a crucial role in cyclical phenomena on a global mass scale in the atmosphere. In the post-industrial revolution contemporary society, the efficient energy utilization in the fields of productive machines, transportation systems, and electric devices; and the improvement of our living environment have become major issues. The resolution of basic flux and the development of highly-efficient devices are being undertaken to solve these challenges.
・Wind tunnel experiment of controlling of separation flow

Field of Manufacturing System Engineering
Our daily lives are supported by the various industrial products ranging from small objects such as IC devices to enormous objects such as jet airplanes. These products are able to achieve their particular functions only when their proper size and suitable shape are produced. In this course, we undertake researches regarding efficient processing technologies of various forms of products at lower costs using molds and shaping high-quality products using implements and whetstones.
・Resin flow analysis of the thin-walled product molded by injection molding

Field of Thermal Engineering
The efficient utilization of energy to support an affluent lifestyle has become an inevitable issue in order to attain our environmentally-harmonized society. Here, we undertake researches in a wide range of fields including: technology for highly-efficient and clean internal combustion, development of next-generation engine, technology for energy conversion and improvement of low quality energy through use of unequal electric heat, non-equilibrium phenomena, technology for the production of wide scale photovoltaic cells, and others.
・Flame spread over a solid material in micro-gravity environment