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Human and Information Systems Division

In the Human and Information Systems Engineering Division, we provide research and education in the following fields: robotics that can coexist with humans, intelligent generation system based on human engineering, applied human-mechanical interface computing, information network, intelligent mechatronics for medicine and social welfare, environmentally-friendly energy conservation systems, highly-efficient energy control, and so on. We nurture creative engineers who have the ability to generate original and flexible ideas through education and research, while taking into consideration ways for humans to live in harmony and coexist with the mechanical world.

Human Support System Engineering
Education and research in the following subjects are undertaken in order to realize a system that supports and assists the functions and activities of humans: mechatronics, artificial intelligence, sensor information processing, virtual reality, and robot controlled systems.
・Development of robots that can adaptively decide and perform their actions according to the circumstances

Intelligent Control Systems Engineering
Our program is designed to bring about a friendly and intelligent robotics system which can coexist with humans. We teach and research autonomous cooperative robots, human machine interfaces, and intelligent/robust control systems.
・Side-faced-type multi-fingered haptic interface

Mechanical and Informatics Engineering
Based on the foundations of mechanical engineering and informatics, education and research are undertaken in the following: virtual production to automated robotic systems, manufacturing design, intelligent manufacturing technology for intelligent control systems, and information network protocols for the next generation Internet.
・Dexterous manipulation by multi-fingered robot hand

Energy Control System Engineering
Environmental and energy problems are tackled from the viewpoint of development of a new energy system and highly-efficient energy use. Eduation and research are undertaken in high performance motor drive systems, electrical power conversion systems, reactive fluid dynamic systems, and space propulsion systems.
・Developments of low environmental impact burner for gas water heater and low fuel consumption multi-plasma rocket