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 Biomolecular Science Division

Understanding life phenomena at molecular levels and its application for the medical and engineering fields. After Genomic era, wisdoms developed in the bioscience and technology, where sophisticated life phenomena have been studied and applied, are now expected to explode into industrial applications. In order to meet with a big-bang of future engineering in this field, the Department of Biomolecular Science has been founded in the Faculty of Engineering for the purpose of research and education in both chemical and biological areas. As the lectures and researches of our department and graduate school cover a wide range of life science from basic to application, the postgraduates are able to acquire their scientific foundation for understanding life process at molecular levels, and are designed to become the key personnel of industries based on their interdisciplinary backgrounds. To bring this aim to a successful conclusion, our department consists of four courses, Biomaterial engineering, Bioreaction engineering, Applied molecular biology and Cell signaling biology and technology. Under the versatile educational platform, we innovate a new series of subjects such as protein engineering, genetic engineering, fermentation engineering, enzyme engineering, neuronal engineering as an interdisciplinary lecture in the "Biomolecular Science". .